Videocritter Asserts They Can Fix YouTube Bad Captions

September 13, 2010. COAT has long been concerned with quality of captioning.  We were recently contacted by a company called Videocritter who said they have added a feature to import and edit the caption files that have been created using YouTube's automated transcription process, thus permitting corrections of the sometimes laughable, but mostly confusing, captions found on some YouTube videoclips using the automated captioning feature.

The company has a free nonprofit website where users can create video captions for YouTube videos and which can also create captions for any Flash-compatible web-based video file. Videocritter asserts that this tool also can import captions that have been created by YouTube's automated machine-transcription, so that these often inaccurate transcriptions can be edited and corrected.

Visit Videocritter website;  See fast 3-minute tutorial

The website is hosted on Amazon Web Services with the Captions database on Amazon Relational Database service, so it is stable and capable of scaling to handle very high traffic volumes.

We hope this leads to more accuracy in YouTube captioning!  If you have any questions please contact Ken Meyering, Videocritter's developer, via Email.