Internet Protocol (IP)

FCC & FEMA Adopt Standard for Emergency Alerts on Wireless Devices

COAT applauds the FCC and FEMA for adopting a standard for wireless carriers to receive and deliver emergency alerts. The FCC's December 7, 2009 Public Notice announces adoption of design specifications for a "gateway interface" on cell phones and similar wireless devices for emergency uses.

COAT Appreciates US Chamber of Commerce Study on Impact of Broadband on People with Disabilities

On December 4, 2009, the US Chamber of Commerce, a business group that represents over 3 million companies, released a report "The Impact of Broadband on People with Disabilities."  The report addresses availability, awareness & demand, adoption and usage of broadband as it relates to people with disabilities.

COAT Leaders Meet with Industry Reps Again about HR 3101

To continue the discussions begun November 18, 2009 five COAT leaders from AAPD, ACB, AFB, CSD and NAD met again on Tuesday December 1 for another three hours with about twenty representatives from a number of industry trade associations and companies. Discussions centered on their outstandnig questions about some of the provisions in H.R. 3101.

Gallaudet Comments to FCC on Public Safety & Emergency Broadband Use by People with Disabilities

The Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center (RERC-Telecom) on Telecommunications at Gallaudet & University of Wisconsin recently sent Comments to the FCC on the National Broadband Plan about Public Safety & Homeland Security issues for people with disabilities.


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